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If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

- Henry Ford

Share Your Light

a place for women to







Brilliance is a women's network that began in San Francisco in 2013 as I was trying to launch my own consulting business. I found it difficult to do it maintain confidence in my new business venture, build my professional network and also make friends in a city where women are endlessly trying to accomplish so much (and rarely ask for help!). I realized there were incredible women in different parts of my life, and they should all know each other! Just like that, Brilliance was born.


It started as a monthly dinner and has grown into a larger gathering place where some pretty amazing connections have been made.  New friendships, new jobs and new adventures -- all the results of amazing women meeting each other. Sound interesting to you? Join us! 

Brilliance has a new home online!

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